TWO FURTHER sections of the growing metro network in Guangzhou were put into operation on December 26.

Revenue services started on the first section of Line 3, six months ahead of schedule. Trains are operating between the Line 1 terminus at Guangzhou Dongzhan and the interchange with Line 2 at Kecun, serving four intermediate stations. The remainder of Line 3 from Kecun to Panyuguangchang is expected to open by the end of the year, adding a further 12 stations.

Line 2 has been extended from Pazhou to Wanshengwei, where it connects with the new 14 km Line 4. This runs south to Xinzao, serving five stations in total. Both Lines 3 and 4 have been equipped with Thales’ Main Control System which will also be fitted to Line 5. Using Scada technology, this oversees 12 subsystems including the power supply, station facilities, communications, public address and information systems, and the platform screen doors.

On December 27 Guangzhou Metro Corp signed a financing package with the Bank of China which will provide funding for the construction of five more lines. Work is already underway on a branch of Line 3 from Tiyuxilu to Tianhekeyunzhan. Construction is expected to start this year on the 8·6 km northern extension of Line 2 from Sanyuanli to Jiahe and a further extension of Line 3 from Tiyuxilu to the airport. Work on the 32 km Line 5 from Jiaokou to Wenchong is due to begin next year.

  • Ceremonies were held in Chengdu on December 30 to mark the start of work on the city’s first 16 km metro line, which will have 15 stations. Expected to cost 7bn yuan to build, it is due to open in 2010. In the longer term, Chengdu is planning to develop a seven-line network totalling 245 km.