Italian wheelset and rail manufacturer Lucchini has acquired the Adtranz Wheelset business, which has plants in Manchester and Surahammar, Sweden, with the deal effective from November 16. The company plans to invest in modernisation of the business.

Siemens Transportation Systems is to invest up to £10m to allow the operation of British third-rail EMUs at its Wegberg-Wildenrath rolling stock test track in Germany. The work includes revisions to the track layout and the provision of a 750V DC third rail replicating the standards used on Railtrack’s Southern zone. This will enable Siemens to test its Desiro UK range of electric multiple-units and carry out safety case validation and endurance running before the vehicles are delivered for service. The test track is already equipped for operation using a 25 kV 50Hz supply.

The sales and services department of Voith Turbo UK has been transferred from Croydon to the Hayes offices of Radenton-Scharfenberg, which is now responsible for all of the merged companies’ British rail activities.

Corus Rail Switches & Crossings has formed a 50:50 joint venture company with Cogifer of France, to be known as Corus Cogifer Ltd. Supporting Railtrack’s decision to introduce CEN60-E1 rails on the British network, Corus Cogifer will offer a range of swing-nose crossings, switch motors, and remote monitoring equipment. It will also supply grooved and flat-bottomed rails for light rail applications.

Technical Resin Bonders has invested in a 930m2 factory extension and a three axis CNC routing facility to meet demand for lightweight composite panels and assemblies. The company is supplying lightweight honeycomb sandwich interior partitions to Alstom Transport for the Virgin Pendolino tilting trains, and lightweight floors for Juniper EMU cars.

Hyder Consulting has formed a multi-disciplinary project team to assist manufacturers and shippers with developing rail freight operations. The project scope includes advice on service design and routeing as well as management of the installation of siding connections with related infrastructure changes.