Waiting passengers can be alerted to the imminent arrival of a train, including fast trains which will not be stopping at the station, using the in-platform lighting developed by CompaTech. Blue LEDs are integrated into the platform surfacing, and light up to warn of a passing train, helping to ensure that passengers remain a safe distance from the platform edge. The lights can be triggered from the signalling systems, or use methods designed to operate level crossing barriersREAL-TIME train running information is to be made available across Cityspace’s network of more than 500 on-street information terminals in the UK. The agreement with the Association of Train Operating Companies will provide users with access to train departure and disruption information sourced from the National Rail Enquiries Service.Cityspace is also carrying out trials of a television-quality outdoor screen. Designed to display advertising and CCTV footage as well as passenger information, the units can be linked to existing real-time information networks. ’It is a high-quality, modular product that can go anywhere and delivers information to the travelling public in a clear and modern manner’, said Cityspace Transport director Guy Wolfenden.n