PLASSER & Theurer has developed a multi-purpose track inspection vehicle for use by MTA New York City Transit on the 371 km of subway route that it operates.

The TGC-3 unit is tailored to NYCT's specific operating needs, with video inspection and lighting equipment designed to operate in the subway's tunnels and underground stations.

The vehicle is equipped with a non-contact inertial measuring facility with integrated GPS and dual-optical track gauge measurement. Its reinforced sensors are carried on a measuring frame that is directly mounted on one carrying bogie. As a result track measurements do not need to be adjusted to take account of vehicle body movements or spring paths.

The TGC-3 also offers 360 degree tunnel profiling to provide a cross-section of the tunnel surroundings, which it can then compare to NYCT's clearance profile to detect any potential protrusions. Both digital recordings and infrared images of track and tunnel wall can also be downloaded after each inspection run. The TGC-3 operates as a two-car set comprising a power car with a through gangway to the inspection vehicle.

Plasser & Theurer, Austria