CAPTION: Belgian National Railways has started test running with the first of 60 dual-system electric locos from GEC Alsthom subsidiary ACEC Transport. Known as Tractis, the SNCB Class 13s will be assembled by BN at Brugge using mechanical parts supplied from Belfort

CAPTION: Two 150-tonne bogie drop pits being supplied to Melbourne’s Public Transport Corp by Somers Railway Engineering of Great Britain have been flown from Amsterdam to Melbourne by Singapore Airlines. They are due to be commissioned this month at the MetTrain maintenance depots at Bayswater and Westall

CAPTION: The Vevey Electric Railways division of Switzerland’s Montreux - Oberland Bernois Railway has put into service a batch of Stadler GTW2/6 low-floor electric railcars on the Blonay - Chamby link between the CEV and MOB lines