Argentina: Trenes de Buenos Aires was due to begin a station refurbishment programme on the Mitre commuter network at the start of April. This includes the installation of automatic fare collection equipment, after its introduction to TBA’s Sarmiento route in January.

Ferrosur Roca and Ferrocarril del Pacífico of Chile have introduced a through container service, involving road transfer between Neuquén in Argentina and Victoria. FR plans a US$1m transfer facility at Zapala once traffic exceeds 300TEU a month.

Australia: State Rail Authority of New South Wales has shortlisted Goninan and Clyde Engineering to supply 80 double-deck EMU cars for the Sydney suburban network. The successful bidder is expected to be nominated this month.

Canada: Canadian Pacific has announced a $17·8m expansion programme for its Vaughan intermodal terminal in Toronto. Annual handling capacity will increase by 60% to 225000 containers and trailers when the project is finished later this year.

Czech Republic: Czech Railways has agreed to lease the Tanvald - Harrachov, Liberec - Zelezny Brod and Smrzovka - Josefuv Dul routes totalling 63 km to the Jizera Railway consortium of local authorities (RG 2.98 p82), for KC3·3m a year exclusive of rolling stock. Zelezarny Veselí is to lease the Zajecí - Hodonín, Cejc - Zd