INTRO: The first of 10 tilting trainsets for Spanish National Railways’ Madrid - Valencia route will be delivered this month and enter revenue service at the end of May 1998

ORDERED on January 30 1996, the Intercity 2000 is derived from Italian Railways’ ETR460 Pendolino, and fitted with Fiat’s active tilt system. An initial fleet of 10 three-car sets is being built by GEC Alsthom Transporte and Fiat for Pts9·05bn; each will seat 189 passengers. With a top speed of 220 km/h, the IC2000s are expected to cut journey times over existing infrastructure by around 25%. The first units will be deployed on the Madrid - Valencia route, where the current best journey time is 3h 50min, and possibly from Madrid to Alicante.

The trains are being built at GEC Alsthom Transporte’s Santa Perpetua de Mogoda and Albuixech factories. Each comprises two outer motor cars and a central trailer, all with aluminium bodyshells. Each motor car has a cab and two body-mounted three-phase asynchronous traction motors; one has 76 ’Turista’ (second class) seats, the other 36 ’Preferente’ (first class) and 40 ’Turista’. All seats are arranged as 2+2 with a pitch of 900mm, mainly in airline style but with some facing pairs over tables.

Two pantographs are mounted on the roof of the central trailer, which also houses traction equipment at one end. In addition to seating for 36 ’Turista’ class passengers and space for a wheelchair, this car contains a bar/buffet, storage areas for refreshment trolleys, a public telephone and an office for the train captain.

IC2000 aims to improve Renfe’s competitive position in key corridors by combining shorter journey times with an improved passenger ambience. The latest styling by Giugiaro will give the train a distinct design, and passengers will benefit from roof-mounted air-conditioning, passenger information and entertainment systems. Video screens are installed in the bar area and on the ceiling of each car, with volume controls provided at each seat. Vacuum toilets are fitted throughout, including one that is wheelchair-accessible.

The train’s modular electrical equipment is arranged on the principle of redundancy. GEC Alsthom and Fiat have undertaken to ensure 100% availability at peak times and 90% at others, with delays of up to 10min occurring no more than once every 150000 km. IC2000 will be under warranty for 750000 km or three years. o

CAPTION: First driving car bodyshell for RENFE’s IC2000 fleet being assembled by GEC Alsthom Transporte

CAPTION: Reader Enquiry Numbers:GEC Alsthom Transporte 101Fiat Ferroviaria 102

IC2000 in detail

Length over couplers mm 81200

Width mm 2920

Height above rail mm 4123

Distance between bogie centres mm 19000

Weight tonnes 152

Maximum speed km/h 220

Maximum output 2·04MW

Power supply 3 kV DC