TURKISH State Railways was due to call tenders last month for the electrification of 79 route-km of double-track lines radiating from the port of Izmir, at a cost of around US$35m. Bids are expected to be opened in July or August. TCDD is looking to award a turnkey contract for wiring of the Basmane - Menemen - Aliaga and Alsançak - Cumaovasi suburban routes, including project design, construction, tunnelling and passages. Two substations will be required.

Five consortia submitted bids by March 12 for signalling and telecommunications work on the two routes, which is being managed by TCDD’s Izmir Project Commission. Bids were required for ATS or ATP alternatives, and range from 26m to 47m lire. The five groups are: Marubeni and Nippon Signal with Siemens Turkey (Simko); Dimetronic and Pakbas; Adtranz Signal with Alsim Alarko; Eliop and Cobra; and Sasib Railway of Italy.

  • Transport & Communications Minister Necdet Menzir confirmed in mid-March that bids would be invited shortly for the planned upgrading of TCDD’s Ankara - Istanbul line (RG 3.98 p138). Tenders are also planned by the end of this year for a feasibility study into completing the Ankara - Istanbul high-speed line, including the Arifiye - Sincan cut-off. o