DETAILED design for a 14?5 km metro line in Jakarta is expected to get underway shortly, following the announcement of a loan agreement in December.JBIC is providing ?1?87bn to finance engineering services for the Jakarta MRT System Project. The metro is expected to adopt Japanese construction techniques, including the shield tunnelling method currently being used for Tokyo Line 13.Meanwhile, on January 9 Governor Sutiyoso said the city council had written to Indonesia’s Finance Ministry requesting authorisation to subsidise the operation of a planned two-line monorail network in the capital. Dubai Islamic Bank has agreed to invest US$500m in the US$650m project, being promoted by PT Jakarta Monorail, provided that the city will underwrite operating losses if the network carries less than 180 000 passengers/day.The monorail’s 14?5?km Green Line is intended as an orbital route around the central area serving 16 stations. The east-west Blue Line from Kampung Melayu to Roxy would have 11 stations.