CZECH rolling stock supplier Skoda Dopravní technika has won a contract to supply a prototype five-car metro trainset to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, in conjunction with the Russian firm Vagonmash St Petersburg. The unit is due to be delivered in November, after which Kyiv Metro expects to order a series build of 10 units for delivery by 2005.

Skoda will supply all electrical equipment including traction motors and controls, whilst Vagonmash will supply the bodyshells, underframes and other mechanical parts. The motor car will be assembled by Skoda at Plzen, and the other four vehicles will be built in St Petersburg under Skoda’s supervision.

  • Skoda has been awarded a KC2·5bn contract to overhaul 500 CKD-built trams in Moscow, in co-operation with Inekon. The firm is also bidding to supply new trams to the Belarus capital Minsk.