The three-station, 5?1?km Orange Line M?tro extension to Laval was scheduled to open on April 28. The project, budgeted at C$803?6m after repeated cost increases, ended up with a price tag of C$745m, or C$143?2m per km. According to Jo?l Gauthier, President and Chief Executive Officer of the regional Agence M?tropolitaine de Transport, this is below the international average of C$175m per km for metros of a similar size. Operator Soci?t? de Transport de Montr?al plans to run every second train during morning and afternoon peak periods to the three Laval stations, with the rest terminating at Henri-Bourassa station. At other times, all trains will travel to the Laval terminus at Montmorency. The number of trains in service was expected to increase from 28 to 32 during rush hour, and from 12 to 14 in off-peak periods.