NORFOLK Southern announced on December 5 that, following two years of testing, it had agreed to deploy New York Air Brake’s Leader onboard computers across its locomotive fleet.

Leader provides drivers with real-time data on optimal driving techniques to suit the train’s length and weight and the gradients and curvature of the track. ’The project proved that Leader could reduce fuel consumption and minimise in-train dynamic forces’, said John Samuels, Senior Vice-President, Operations Planning & Support at NS. ’In 2006 we will begin installing the technology on NS’ road locomotive fleet.’

Leader will ultimately become an integral part of the Optimised Train Control system announced in 2005 (RG 11.05 p665). Currently undergoing testing, this will bring together data communications, positioning systems, onboard computers and train braking systems to enforce speed and operating limits automatically.

New York Air Brake, USA