Øresund ATP

Sir - It was with great interest that I read your article 'Integrated signalling, ATP and train radio on the Øresund Link' in RG 7.00 p424. However, I was concerned that some of the information in the article may have been potentially misleading. It was my company, AT Signal System AB, a subsidiary of Ansaldo Signal NV, which implemented the Integrated Swedish/Danish ATP project in co-operation with Siemens A/S. I think that it would be unfair to leave your readers with the suggestion that our competitor, Adtranz Signal AB, had any direct involvement with development of the integrated system.

Historically, the Swedish ATP was originally developed by the predecessors of two competitors: AT Signal System AB (Ansaldo) and Daimler-Chrysler Rail Systems (Signal) AB (Adtranz). Both companies are therefore capable of supplying versions of the Swedish system, Adtranz under the name 'Ebicab 700' and Ansaldo as 'L10000'.

For various reasons, Adtranz has traditionally supplied the majority of the wayside equipment for the Swedish national rail network, while Ansaldo supplied the majority of the on-board systems to operators using the network.

The Integrated Swedish/Danish ATP system was developed jointly by Siemens and Ansaldo under a contract let by Danish State Railways. Adtranz had no involvement in this project. Your article may have led readers - including potential train operators across the Danish-Swedish border - to believe that Adtranz was one of the suppliers of the integrated system. In fact, the only currently available sources of an approved Integrated Swedish/Danish ATP system are Siemens A/S (Denmark) or AT Signal System AB (Sweden).

Lucas OrveProduct Manager, AT Signal System ABSweden

Mayor confusion

Sir - We were very pleased to read the report of the opening of the first phase of the Izmir Metro in RG 7.00 p401. Unfortunately, the name of the city's Lord Mayor, who performed the opening ceremony, was given incorrectly. The Mayor is Mr Ahmet Piristina.

Esin TursenMarketing Department Assistant, Izmir MetroIzmir, Turkey