RUSSIAN Railways has awarded contracts for almost 800 main line locomotives under its 2006-10 investment programme.

Bryansk Machine Works is to supply 277 'sections' to form 2TE25 twin-unit diesel locomotives. The prototype 2TE25L Peresvet (RG 9.05 p537) is expected to complete its test programme at Shcherbinka this year. Bryansk's Managing Director Anatoli Zadorazhny confirmed in January that series production of the 2TE25K would start in 2007; development of an AC-motored variant has started, and he expects the 2TE25A to go into production in 2008. Bryansk is currently supplying 2TE70 freight locos for the Baikal Amur Magistral and a TEP70BC derivative for passenger service.

Novocherkassk is gearing up to start series production of the 2EC5K Yermak twin-unit electric loco, of which RZD has now ordered 500 sections for delivery in 2006-10. Three Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo prototypes have already been supplied, and a single-unit variant is to be developed to replace the VL60 fleet.

On December 27, Kolomna rolled out its first EP2K passenger locos, which are intended to replace the CS2 design on 3 kV DC routes. Following a successful trial with the EP10 prototype between Moscow, Minsk and Brest, in co-operation with Belarus Railway, RZD expects to buy 12 of this high-power twin-unit design in 2006-08 for operations on this route.