GERMAN Railway’s inter-city business unit DB Reise & Touristik AG has decided to equip 11 of its principal rolling stock servicing depots with simulation and support software from Stuttgart-based Flexis GmbH. The Rail Maintenance Planning System allows operators to optimise shunting sequences and materials supply as the trains pass from arrival through cleaning and maintenance berths to departure.

RMPS has been successfully tested at the Hamburg Eidelstedt ICE depot over the past five years. It can be used in both simulation and operational modes, allowing depot staff to develop and refine contingency plans, identify potential bottlenecks and streamline depot activities. As well as DB’s own activities, the software can also address external factors affecting the spare parts supply chain, for example.

DB will also use the RMPS results as an input into timetable planning, to ensure that train servicing is optimally linked to operations. The aim is to maximise the effective use of resources and reduce operating costs.

Flexis GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

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