TCDD high speed train.

TURKEY: TCDD has awarded MerMec contracts totalling €9m for the supply and installation of track and overhead line measuring equipment on a CAF trainset operating on the 250 km/h Ankara - Eskisehir line. The line was opened in March as the first phase of a national high speed rail network.

From the end of 2009 one coach of the selected trainset will have a dedicated control room where technical staff can view data in real time as the train runs at up to 250 km/h in revenue service.

'High speed line measurements can be very different from those on conventional lines', said Silvano Brandi, Chief Executive of MERMEC Group. 'The differences are mainly due to the very high accuracy required and complex train-infrastructure interactions influencing the measurements themselves. This challenging context requires superior know-how in railway domain and system integration'.