PARIS transport authority RATP has started a programme known as Ouragan to resignal five metro lines for automatic train operation. Work on Lines 3, 5, 9, 10 and 12 is to be shared between CSEE Transport, Siemens France and Technicatome.

RATP has opted for Transmission-Based Train Control similar to that being installed by a Siemens-led consortium on New York City Transit’s Canarsie Line (RG 2.02 p83). This in turn was derived from the Matra equipment used on Paris Line 14. The first milestone for the suppliers will be an ’interchangeability demonstration’ scheduled for March 2006.

Last month CSEE confirmed that it had been awarded a €10m contract to supply and install the fixed equipment for Line 3 by mid-2007, with a further €10m option covering Lines 10 and 12. These three lines are to be operated by a fleet of 117 refurbished MF67 trains fitted with Siemens onboard equipment. In contrast, Siemens is providing the lineside equipment for Line 5, which will be worked by new MF2000 cars with Technicatome onboard equipment. Siemens is also to supply the lineside equipment for Line 9.

  • On May 3 RATP President Anne-Marie Idrac confirmed that the authority had approved a five-year investment plan averaging €600m a year. Line 1 will be converted to driverless operation in 2006-10 at a cost of €95m. This will require the installation of platform screen doors at all stations at an additional cost of €40m. The installation of screen doors at existing metro stations will shortly be piloted at Invalides and St-Lazare on Line 13.