If a voice alarm is to be used to inform passengers of the need to evacuate a station, it is important that it is working correctly. With Application Solutions Ltd’s PA/VA technology, monitoring of the critical signal path and wiring integrity is carried out site-wide, allowing a service centre to see the results via a standard CAN-bus. Faulty equipment can be rapidly identified, and engineers sent out with the correct parts without the need for a diagnostic visit.

An Amplifier Control Unit stores all configuration and fault data, and can be integrated into larger building management or customer information systems. One ACU can control up to 64 amplifier main frames with audio power capabilities from 400 to 25·6 kW.

ASL’s VAR-4 digital audio router provides a self-contained PA/VA control system. It provides routing for five audio inputs to four outputs, with built in digital message storage for routing or emergency announcements. Units can be interconnected to produce larger networks, whilst retaining full remote control of all functions.

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