ISRAEL Railways suspended all train services on May 11-12 to permit the commissioning of a new national signalling and train control system.ISR has adopted the Command 900 Safe Desk technology supplied by Thales from Germany. Formerly marketed by Alcatel as NetTrac 6653, this is a vital remote control system for relay interlockings.The first phase covered the installation of the new system at Lod control centre, covering the lines from Tel Aviv to Kfar-Sava, Ashelon and Dimona. With the commissioning of the second phase in early 2008, this installation will be linked to the main control centre in Haifa, which will then have oversight of the entire ISR network.ISR General Manager Ofer Linchevsky said the railway had taked advantage of the blockade to undertake a number of other upgrading projects and maintenance tasks across the network.n