On June 8 Bombardier announced that it had won a €35m contract from Trenitalia to upgrade 60 ETR500 power cars for dual-system operation. Built by the Trevi consortium in 1992, the original 3 kV DC power cars will be rebuilt with 25 kV 50Hz capability and ETCS Level 2 equipment for use on Italian high speed lines nearing completion. The first two power cars are to be completed by July 2006 and the rest by February 2007.

Israel Railways has called prequalification tenders for a framework contract to install and maintain electrification equipment on key parts of its network. A conference for interested companies or contractors is being held on June 29, and bids are to be submitted by September 15. The contract provides for ISR to call down design-and-construct projects over a 12-year period, starting with series of designated routes. The contractor will also be expected to maintain the equipment for 11 years after commissioning, with options for ISR to extend this for four six-year periods.