HALON gas fire-suppression equipment on British High Speed Train power cars is being replaced with Inergen fire suppression systems supplied by ADT Fire & Security. This uses nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide to deplete the oxygen around a fire to prevent combustion, but there is no ozone depletion potential. An EU directive will restrict the use of halon from the end of 2002, owing to its environmental effects.

Other fire suppression upgrades include improved fire detection, an in-cab status display, and fire detection and suppression within the locomotive’s electrical cubical. Redesigned spray nozzles are intended to prevent injuries to drivers and improve gas distribution.

WS Atkins is installing the equipment on 114 power cars belonging to the Angel Trains leasing company and used on British inter-city services under a £2·1m contract. The company has previously fitted it on 80 power cars and 15 electric locomotives owned by Porterbrook.

ADT Fire & Security, Great Britain

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