ON April 29 Dallas Area Rapid Transit confirmed that it would take up its option for an extra 21 LRVs from Kinki Sharyo USA at a cost of $60m. The option was included in an order for 34 cars placed last year (RG 12.97 p835), and will bring the DART fleet to 95.

The extra LRVs are needed to operate extensions to Garland, Richardson and Plano, on which DART has accelerated construction to meet growing demand. The two lines are scheduled to open in 2002-03. In March DART’s 32 km initial network set a new ridership record, with a weekday average of 36300 passengers.

On April 21 the San Francisco Municipal Railway was authorised to buy another 59 light rail vehicles from Breda Costruzione Ferroviarie for $216·5m. The Board included in its approval a requirement for mitigation of noise and vibration, following problems with the initial 77. Muni General Manager Emilio Cruz said modifications had already reduced the noise level by 10dB. o