GLIDELOK is a retractable ramp designed to span gaps of up to 1·2m between trains and platforms. The prototype can be automatically deployed in 6sec, and forms a bridge capable of supporting a 350 kg load.

The ramp will align itself with platforms above, below or at the same level as the train doors, and can partially extend from the train before locking into position.

When retracted the 1200 x 90mm ramp fits in a 120 x 16 x 1150mm housing weighing less than 50 kg. No moving parts are exposed, and the housing is designed to be integrated into an external step or built into the train’s doorway without extending beyond the current profile.

Deployment can be manual, under the control of crew, or linked to location sensors. It is hoped that Glidelock will remove the need for platform staff to assist wheelchair passengers. A manual override is provided in case of power failure, and the ramp can be interlocked with the train’s onboard systems to prevent departure until the ramp is retracted.

Glidelok, Australia