AFTER three years of research and development Faiveley Transport has launched Pegase, a roof-mounted electric traction power collection module which brings together the pantograph, auxiliary compressor, isolating equipment, lightning protection, disconnector, energy measurement and controls in an single unit.

The trend towards low floor trains and larger air-conditioning units is forcing rolling stock manufacturers to put increasing amounts of equipment on the roof, reducing the space available for the power equipment. In response to this, Pegase has been designed to occupy half the area of Faiveley's previous products, being 2·5 m long and having the same footprint as a lowered pantograph.

The electronic and pneumatic controls are grouped in the Switchtronic unit, while the EasySwitch module brings together the high voltage equipment and measuring system designed to handle catenary voltages from 0 to 29·5 kV. The exact shapes of the individual components were studied and modern insulator designs used to enable the various elements to be placed as close together as possible. The support framework uses aerospace designs to minimise weight and aerodynamic noise. Faiveley estimates a weight saving of 60 kg per module compared to conventional products.

Faiveley Transport, France