Enrico Grillo Pasquarelli, Head of Inland Transport in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy & Transport, has taken on additional responsibility as Acting Head of the Rail Transport & Interoperability Unit pending appointment of a replacement for Jean-Arnold Vinois who stepped down in April.

Hervé de Treglodé has been appointed to the new post of Deputy Director-General at Reseau Ferré de France. He is succeeded as Director of Strategy & Development by Véronique Wallon who has been in charge of RFF-SNCF relations. Patrick Kreis has joined RFF as Director of Communications, having held similar posts at EADS and EDF. Bernard Sulpis has been appointed to co-ordinate issues of disabled access at RFF.

Olivia Amozig-Bellot has been named Technical Adviser on Financial & Economic Affairs in the office of French Transport Minister Dominique Perben.

James Blake became Chief Executive of Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp on May 1, succeeding Acting CEO Samuel Lai.

Amtrak has appointed Thomas P Schmidt as Assistant Vice-President, Transportation.

Guillermo Diaz Silva has been named as President of Chilean state railway company EFE. The board now comprises Berta Belmar Ruiz, Fidel Miranda Vera, Jaime Binder Rosas, Roberto Riveros Keller, Juan Cavada Artíguez and Pablo Piñera Echenique.

Sophie Mougard has taken over as Director- General of STIF, the Ile de France transport authority.

Patrick J Ottensmeyer has been named Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer at Kansas City Southern, leading the international finance department. Susan B Wollenberg has been promoted to Vice-President, Financial Planning & Administration, and T Nicholas Nocita has been promoted from General Director, Financial Compliance, to Assistant Vice-President, International Internal Audit & Financial Compliance. José Guillermo Zozaya Delano has been appointed President & Executive Representative of Kansas City Southern de Mexico, where Julio Quintero has been named as Controller.

This summer David Brown steps down as Chief Executive of two London bus companies, to become Managing Director of Surface Transport at Transport for London, with responsibilities including trams.

A board has been named in advance of the merger of the Appenzeller, Rheineck-Walzenhausen, Rorschach-Heiden and Trogener railways in Switzerland which is planned for July 1. The Chairman of the new company will be Dr Hansjürg Düsel, and the President will be Hanswalter Schmid, with Vice-President Dr Anita D