Construction of the guideway for the 28 km LRT peoplemover loop in Singapore’s Senkang estate has been simplified by the introduction of two new girder launching platforms. Developed for contractor BBR Construction by Norwegian Rail System, the launching platforms incorporate Enerpac high-pressure hydraulic jacks supplied by Applied Power Asia.

The two main support beams on each launcher carry a total of 72 Enerpac spring-return CLL5014 cylinders, mounted in parallel rows. The prefabricated girder sections are lifted onto the launcher by crane, being supported by three pairs of cylinders with a total capacity of 280 tonnes. The cylinders are arranged to position the girders using less than 300mm of their maximum 350mm stroke, leaving a comfortable margin.

Hydraulic pressure for the system is provided by Series 50000 electric pumps, rated at 2·2 kW, with the process controlled by V82 series valves. Three pairs of Enerpac hinged cylinders are used to steer the launcher along the rail alignment. The elevated peoplemover is due to be opened in 2003.

Applied Power Asia Pte, Singapore

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