• The government of Sierra Leone has presented donor institutions with a 10-year Transport Sector Development Plan which includes the revival of rail services. Operations on the 762 mm gauge state railway were abandoned in late 1974.
  • According to its financial bid opened on April 27, the Veloxia consortium led by Alstom is proposing to fund 80% of the cost of a high speed line between Buenos Aires and Córdoba (RG 4.07 p250). Equipped with ERTMS Level 2 signalling and a fleet of eight double-deck trainsets, the complete 710 km line has been priced at US$1·32bn, while a diesel option between Rosario and Córdoba would reduce the cost to $1·26bn. The Argentinian government was expected to announce its decision within 30 days.
  • Transport Minister Serik Akhmetov announced last month that he is to present the government with a plan for structural reform of Kazakhstan's rail industry during September. Proposed changes will include separating out the loss-making passenger division of national operator KTZ. But construction of a freight link between Saksaulskaya and Zhezkagan will not begin until 2012 at the earliest because of the high anticipated cost.
  • On May 11 the Federal Railroad Administration announced a $962 240 grant to Nevada Department of Transportation to fund preliminary environmental and engineering studies for a proposed 56 km maglev between Las Vegas and Primm, where a new Las Vegas airport is planned. The line could later be extended through Barstow to Los Angeles.
  • Following passenger riots at Plaza Constituci?n station in Buenos Aires, President N?stor Kirchner signed decrees revoking the Roca and Belgrano Sur commuter concessions held by Metropolitano on May 22, citing repeated failures to meet contractual commitments including service quality and rolling stock maintenance. Operations were transferred to the consortium which took over the San Martín route after Metropolitano was stripped of this concession in 2005 (RG 2.05 p66).