AFE has appointed Andean Development Corp to assist with structuring the tender process that will see a public-private partnership established to upgrade the national network in Uruguay (RG 12.05 p750). Minister of Transport & Public Works Victor Rossi has said that at least US$35m will be required for rolling stock and $55m for infrastructure work if the potential demand for moving timber is to be met.

With tracklaying and other fit-out works due to start in July, Metro de Los Teques expects to open its 9·5 km route between El Tambor and Las Adjuntas in Caracas (MR 05 p28) on October 22 2006.

Deputy Under-Secretary of Transport Dr Aaron Dychter has indicated that he expects operating trials to start at the end of October on the electrified commuter route from Mexico City’s Buenavista terminus to Cuautitl