AVAILABLE for purchase or hire from manufacturer Laser Rail, LaserSweep is a portable structure gauging system designed for use by a single operator. It comprises a measuring head mounted on an outrigger that spans the track, and a Husky FC computer to log the data. Data is saved as a standard file compatible with all versions of Laser Rail’s gauging software, and DOS, Windows 3·1 and Windows 95 interfaces are available. Enhanced versions of the Husky can be supplied with a colour screen, and the capability to perform full or kinematic gauging on-site.

The computer has an operational life of between 6·5 and 20h depending on the features used. The LaserSweep head itself is battery-powered to allow approximately 1h of continuous use, with a supplementary battery extending this to around 6h. The laser head can measure at a range of up to 30m with an accuracy of