BYLINE: Containers without terminals

the container handling system developed by Swing Thru International has been designed for mounting on wagons and road vehicles, enabling intermodal traffic to be loaded or unloaded at locations without cranes or paving for reach-stackers. Available with a lifting capacity ranging from 10 to 35 tonnes, the handling units feature double-action hydraulic rams which enable loads to be placed at either side of the vehicle on which the system is mounted.

Lifting units can also be used as mobile cranes capable of stacking containers to a height of two boxes, or used in static mode to transfer containers between vehicles not equipped with lifting equipment. Swing Thru reports orders in excess of NZ$2m for its container handling system, with purchasers including Tranz Link of New Zealand as well as English Welsh & Scottish Railway of Great Britain.

Swing Thru International Ltd, New Zealand

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CAPTION: Tranz Link of New Zealand is using Swing Thru units with a lifting capacity of 35 tonnes

Maxi-Shunter moves wagons

WORKSHOP and private siding operators who need to move rail vehicles around their premises may benefit from the Maxi-Shunter developed by Zagro Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH. Designed for use on level track, and available in gauges from 1000mm to 1668mm, the Maxi-Shunter is attached to the vehicle’s coupling hook. An adaptor is available for light rail or metro cars and wagons fitted with autocouplings.

The Maxi-Shunter is powered by an 8 kW four-stroke Honda petrol engine, which drives all four rail wheels independently through a hydraulic transmission. Maximum tractive effort is 200 tonnes.

Zagro, Germany

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