Madrid Metro is to fit over 1000 heavy-duty RFID tags to its trains and 36 sleeper-mounted readers with direction detection to the tracks. These will provide vehicle position information to change automatically the talk groups of onboard Tetra radios as trains move.

TagMaster, Sweden

Y2K Aviation, Solutions E2 and Fiber Protector Norge AS have formed a joint venture to treat train seats with Fiber ProTector, a treatment which incorporates Y2K’s Aerocare anti-microbial treatment to prevent the spread of bacteria and protect against stains.

Solutions E2, UK

The SMM50 series of DC/DC converters has been designed to be shock and vibration-resistant for use in the on-board power systems of railway vehicles. Four input voltages are available, with reverse polarity protection.

MTM Power, Germany

Series 24 control switch relays can be used for both manual and remote control of power circuit-breakers. Rated at up to 600V AC, the CSR can be retrofitted to Scada compatible control; it has a disable function for local use.

Electroswitch, USA

Manufactured on a single 100mm silicon wafer, Westcode’s 5·2 kV thyristor uses a distributed gate architecture for predictable dynamic performance in medium-voltage applications, improved turn-on characteristics and reduced recovery time.

Westcode, UK