USF Vacu-Blast has supplied PA05-HP closed-circuit abrasive blasting machines to German Railway rolling stock workshops for tasks including paint stripping, rust removal and weld cleaning, suitable for use with all types of blast media. Dust and debris and are recovered by vacuum with any reusable media recycled.

Laminated rubber/metal chevron springs supplied by Metalastik form the primary suspension for the EMU cars that Siemens Transportation Systems is building for the San Juan Tren Urbano system in Puerto Rico (RG 2.99 p70). Each 23m car will seat 72 passengers, capable of travelling at speeds up to 100 km/h.

Woods Air Movement has been awarded a £2m contract to supply a total of 1815 fans for the North East Line in Singapore, due to be delivered between May this year and March 2001. Axial and centrifugal fans from the Woods range will provide tunnel, station concourse and under-platform ventilation, as well as smoke extraction.

Under its 15-year contract to design, build, operate and maintain the Hudson - Bergen light rail line, 21st Century Rail Corp will be using Spear 2000 software from Spear Technologies to manage infrastructure maintenance. This will include the scheduling of inspections and repairs.

AEA Technology Rail has supplied its Passenger Load Determination System for 24 three-car Class 170/4 DMUs that Adtranz is building for British train operator ScotRail. Accurate to within five passengers per train, the system uses sensors in the air suspension system triggered by GPS to record the weight of each car before and after a station stop.

Composite components manufactured using resin transfer moulding technology have been produced by Polymer Engineering for 27 Eurotrams ordered from Adtranz by CTS of Strasbourg. The £1·25m contract covered the supply of most exterior panels, finished with the Standohyd water-based paint system from Standox to reduce solvent emissions.

Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority has installed two Apollolite III marker light controllers and four amber marker lights supplied by Quest on each of its 48 LRVs. Activated manually or automatically, the controller initiates a timed pulsing of the lights to alert pedestrians and vehicles when the LRV approaches a level crossing or a platform.

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CAPTION: British infrastructure maintenance contractor First Engineering is taking delivery of five 26 tonne Stratos trucks built by Seddon Atkinson, converted to road/rail operation by Harsco Track Technologies and equipped with remote control effective within 18m. Trent (SVO) Ltd converted the vehicles from four to six-wheel drive and supplied the bodies, equipped with two-way tipping gear and a rear-mounted crane

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