Ferrovie Nord Milano is installing Westermo Lynx 328 Ethernet switches and optic fibre links to replace analogue communications between trackside equipment and its control centre. So far 10 stations have been covered by the network, and work on two more lines with 22 stations is now underway.

Westermo Teleindustri, Sweden

LEDtrain arrivals and special notice displays and 13 next train indicators have been commissioned at Edinburgh Waverley station. The screens use nine and 13 dot matrices which can display text with full descenders to comply with disability legislation.

Infotec, UK

Castle’s GA902 signs and beacons light up to warn workers when noise levels exceed predetermined limits. By showing when it is vital to use hearing protection, they help protect staff who may be reluctant to wear ear defenders all the time.

Castle Group, UK

Last month Arcontia launched a rugged contactless smart card reader with Compact Flash interface. Designed for integration into hand-held computers and PDAs, it offers security levels suitable for use in mobile sales and ticket validation.

Arcontia, Sweden

Metalastik hourglass bearer springs worth €1·4m are being supplied for the 64 trams Siemens is building for Budapest (p205) and Metro Sul do Tejo. Developed as a simpler alternative to air springs, the design accommodates high horizontal, torsional and conical displacements with vertical frequencies of 1·8 to 2·5Hz.

Trelleborg, UK

Rail Gourmet’s Spanish business is using the Carmen Rail Solutions duty planning software to manage its 450 on-train catering staff. This reduces its dependence on a few planners, and provide an ability to simulate different scenarios.

Carmen Systems, Sweden

CAPTION: Developed in conjunction with GrantRail, the Super Triple from Wacker uses DPU100-70 reversible vibratory plates to compact ballast over a 2·65m width. The 2·5 tonne machine provides a 300 kN compaction force and has a production rate of up to 4500m2 per hour. Remote control eliminates hand-arm vibration, as well as keeping the operator away from dust, noise and fumes

Wacker (GB), UK