China Academy of Rail Sciences and Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute have standardised on the LonWorks IEEE 1473L network platform for onboard safety monitoring of functions including brakes, doors and power supply.

Echelon, USA

Los Angeles MTA has ordered an emergency access and incident response road-rail vehicle from Mattman Speciality Vehicles in a $400000 contract. It will enable emergency services and law enforcement officers to access underground areas with necessary equipment.

Mattman Speciality Vehicles, USA

Sofia Metro is to be equipped with a Telindus video surveillance system, allowing real time images from all stations to be viewed and stored centrally. It will be installed as part of a €10m two-year project to provide CCTV across the city centre, schools and airport.

Telindus Surveillance Solutions, UK

On March 28 Integrian launched its TransitCam TC-50 onboard CCTV for light rail and bus applications, developed from the TC-100 used on rail vehicles in Sydney, Melbourne and Madrid. Images from eight cameras per carriage can be recorded at 30 frames/sec, with resolution up to 720 x 480 pixels. TC-50 has been installed by New Jersey Transit, and is being tested by operators in California and Canada.

Integrian, USA