RAILTRACK’s System Engineering Manager Brian Halliday uses Doors management software from Quality Systems & Software to co-ordinate the various facets of the route modernisation. In particular, it is essential to manage the interfaces between the various projects on the ground, Virgin, SSRA, the Office of the Rail Regulator, and the Health & Safety Executive.

According to QSS, Doors provides user-defined multi-level traceability which allows organisations to track, stage by stage, how and where requirements are being met. It can generate link reports encompassing as many levels of a project as required and display them in the same view - providing comprehensible verification and validation across the entire scope of the project.

QSS has worked with the WCRM team to customise the interface into a chequerboard type matrix. Clicking on the appropriate square brings up the information and specifications relating to that particular interface. This provides an effective way to co-ordinate the overall management of the project.

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