The Slovak workshop ZOS Zvolen has rolled out a prototype of new Class 813/913 two-car DMU rebuilt from two Type 011 (Bzmot) non-powered trailers. The DMU consists of a Class 813 power car and a Class 913 driving trailer. It is powered by an EU Emissions Stage IIIa-compliant D2866 LUE 621 engine by MAN rated at 257?kW through a Voith hydraulic transmission. The power application and dynamic braking is controlled by a Mirel 813 microprocessor. The unit features cab air-conditioning, interior and exterior passenger information systems and an on-board ticket vending machine. But for the driving trailer’s low-floor section, which is omitted, and unaltered front ends, the Slovak DMU is roughly similar to Czech Railways’ Class 814/914 twin-unit DMU (RG 12.05 p757). In fact, it is more like a pair of rebuilt Class 812 single-car railcars coupled together by means of a Voith Turbo coupler and a gangway by H?bner. The upgraded interior gives a total of 35 (railcar) and 48 (trailer) seats in 2+2 seat arrangement. Up to three Class 813 DMUs can be operated in multiple or with Class 812 railcars.The prototype unit 813/913.001 underwent type approval trials at the Cerhenice testing centre in the Czech Republic in December and trial operation is due to start in early 2007 on regional lines around Prievidza. ZSSK has so far ordered a total of 11 Class 813/913 rebuilds for completion by ZOS Zvolen during 2007. The company has recently also completed the last of a batch of 64 Class 812 railcars rebuilt for ZSSK from Class 810/010 railcars and trailers for operation on Slovakia’s rural lines.In August 2006, ZSSK withdrew the last of its outdated Class 830 (10 units), 850 (10 units) and 851 (9 units) railcars and the fleet is now exclusively made up of classes 810, 811, 812 and 840ZOS Zvolen, Slovakia