Book review

Red Norte

by Ian Thompson

This well-produced hardback book printed in Slovakia describes the history, ownership and operations of the state-owned metre gauge network of northern Chile, now back in private hands again as Ferronor. Written by a British-born transport economist resident in Chile since 1976, it is liberally illustrated with black-and-white photographs, tables, photographs, loco lists and maps. The text is broken up into numbered sections, each treating a separate subject, making it easy to home in on particular facts. Although most photos are more than three years old, the text gives a reasonable insight into current operations. ISBN 1-900340-05-4.

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Pendulación, Basculación y Construcción de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias.

This 270-page volume gives a useful overview in Spanish of the development of high speed passenger trains and railways in Europe, treating for example the previous master plan for French TGV expansion and the current slimmed-down programme. Comparison is made with air and motorway travel patterns and statistics in the countries concerned. Numerous tables are supported by maps and diagrams, mostly sourced from railway documents or other publications.

Prof Dr Ing A Lopez Pita, ETS de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales y Puertos, Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Gran Capita s/n Modul B, 1, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.

Railway Track Diagrams 2; England East

Updated to January 1998, this volume of the Quail series of track diagram atlases covers the former British Rail Eastern and Anglia regions, and parts of the former Midland Region. As ever with Quail, the detail is superb and very useful, especially as this volume covers not only north and east London, but the complex networks of industrial Nottinghamshire, North Derbyshire, Yorkshire and north-east England.

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