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All Change - British Railway Privatisation

edited by Roger Freeman and Jon Shaw

The process of privatising British Rail, and some of the consequences, are analysed in 10 chapters by different authors. Some, like the first Rail Regulator, John Swift QC, were directly involved. Indeed, Roger (now Lord) Freeman steered the legislation through Parliament as Minister of State for Public Transport.

Other chapters are contributed by academics or journalists who were close to the process and have analysed records or interviewed the principal players. The result is a valuable insight into the way in which a structure based on the electricity supply industry had to be moulded and then modified on the hoof as the Conservative government's last and most difficult privatisation pursued its perilous - but ultimately successful - course. ISBN 007-709679-7

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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

by Kirk Reynolds and Dave Oroszi

Construction of America's first public railway began in Baltimore on July 4 1828, and the railway steadily expanded throughout the triangle linking Washington DC, Chicago and St Louis. Hampered in some respects by its pioneer status, the B&O lost its early dominance of the region to the Pennsylvania and New York Central. However, it continues to form a major part of CSX Transportation, into which it was formally merged on April 30 1987.

This colourful 128 page history covers many aspects of the B&O's 160 year history: construction, operations, locos and rolling stock, and the merger politics than saw its eventual absorption. ISBN 0-7603-0746-6.

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