Jane’s Urban Transport Systems 1997-98

Five ex-Soviet cities and Bamako, Mali, are the new city entries in the 16th edition of this illustrated annual. There are 12 industry sections featuring numerous additional companies, but there have also been many deletions. Detailed coverage of the bewildering variety of complete vehicles, components and electrical equipment for both rail and road vehicles is provided.

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Syseca Glossary

This bilingual (French/English) glossary of computer terminology is designed as a guide to the history and products of French company Syseca, which has supplied centralised control systems to a number of metro and light rail networks. It also serves as a general glossary of computing terms associated with engineering.

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Railway Trends 1997 (Canada)

The 40-page (20 in English and 20 in French) fifth edition of Railway Trends published by the Railway Association of Canada provides basic statistics on Canada’s railways for the nine years to December 1996.

Data is included for the new secondary railways which have been spawned by the sales of former CP and CN lines. Excluded are statistics for commuter passenger, CN and CP operations outside Canada and charges incurred by CN and CP’s recent restructuring.

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