RE-BRANDING of Pfleiderer Track Systems as Rail.One has been completed following its acquisition by AXA Private Equity in April (RG 6.06 p361), and the track supplier will be using InnoTrans to present its new name and its focus on rail infrastructure technology.

Work began last month on the installation of the company’s Rheda City and Rheda Green ballastless track on the Aaltje Noorderwierstraat section of the RandstadRail light rail project in Den Haag. Rail.One is supplying 2800 twin-block sleepers for the 2·6 km of Rheda track, and providing supervision services during installation.

Rheda 2000 track is to be used on the 980 km Wuhan to Guangzhou line in China, which is due to open in 2010. The components are being made locally, in return for Rail.One and a consortium of European partners taking a major role in supporting the planning and construction of the dedicated passenger line.