WE ARE THRILLED to announce this month that Railway Directory, for 106 years our standard reference work for the international railway industry, is now published on the internet. Railway Directory remains an essential guide to the world’s railways and their suppliers, and the web version supersedes the CD-ROM published in 1998 and subsequent years. We envisage it will become an increasingly valuable reference source, especially as we plan regular updates for purchasers. We will welcome feedback so that the site can be further developed and improved to meet users’ needs.

railwaydirectory.net would not have been possible without a huge amount of work by editor and compiler Chris Bushell, who with his team has over many years consistently produced a first class publication. Thanks are due to him and our developers, as well as to many others who have helped ready the book for the electronic age. The book version will continue to be available for those who prefer a hard copy format.

This year we near completion of our programme to provide colour maps of all the world’s main line networks, with the addition of Canada, the Balkan countries, Israel, Jordan and Syria. Our artist has also drawn several new city maps. The Buyer’s Guide introduced last year has been improved, and a number of other changes made. We trust that users will find railwaydirectory.net a valuable addition to the Railway Gazette International portfolio.