FOLLOWING the two derailments which disrupted RandstadRail services in November (RG 1.07 p14), operator HTM commissioned Delta Rail to track down the causes. The consultant has identified weaknesses in key components of the 60 turnouts on the Hofplein Line, which were due to be remedied by the end of January, so that RET services could run through from Nootdorp to Den Haag CS once more.The slow-speed derailment of a RegioCitadis on the Turnoot curve was attributed to excess cant, which will take longer to fix as the track construction is integral with the concrete structure of the viaduct. Nevertheless, HTM hopes to resume services to Zoetermeer and Oosterheem by the first half of March. Meanwhile, the operators are looking at measures to reduce the present severe overloading of NS trains from Gouda between Zoetermeer and Den Haag. Despite these problems, HTM expected to switch the Loosduinen - Monstersestraat - Den Haag Line 3 from tram to RegioCitadis operation with effect from January 29. HTM Managing Director Ton Ka per said the disruption was costing the operator around k300 000 per week.n