RUSSIA: National railway RZD is to roll out a revised electronic ticket design in the first half of 2020 with the aim of providing passengers with easier and faster access to information about their journey, fare and seat or sleeping berth.

RZD has worked with graphics agency Art Lebedev to rethink the presentation of electronic tickets, which are used by more than 50% of RZD’s long distance passengers, who must either print them or present them on a mobile device.

Art Lebedev says its design provides key information in three blocks across the ticket. This includes the journey details, barcode and reservation data.


The train and coach identification numbers and departure time are typed in a very large face to assist passengers who may be rushing to board and needs this information to be most prominent; other important details have also been added, including the postal address of many major stations, which is helpful where cities have several passenger hubs.

The revamped design also makes extensive use of pictograms to explain other aspects of the journey, such as onboard amenities or restrictions on the transport of pets. Personalised graphics also show how seats can be adjusted and were luggage can be stored; these images can be tailored to the age and gender of the passenger.

The revamped design is available in English and Russian for international journeys, while visitors can request an English version for domestic journeys when they book.