SWISS FEDERAL Railway’s subsidiary EuroThurbo GmbH has been selected to operate the Seehas line in Germany, linking Konstanz to Engen via Singen. However, German Railway has retained control of the Schwarzwaldbahn between Karlsruhe and Konstanz against a wide range of rival bidders including Connex.

International tenders for operation of the two routes had been called in February 13, and Transport Minister Ulrich Müller announced the winning bids on January 15.

DB Regio will run the Karlsruhe - Konstanz service through a new subsidiary, DB Schwarzwaldbahn GmbH. It plans to use a fleet of three or four-car push-pull double-deck trainsets powered by Class 146 electric locos. EuroThurbo is to order for the Seehas line a fleet of four-car Flirt low-floor EMUs, which will be assembled by Stadler in Berlin.