ON APRIL 18 Renfe President José Salguiero signed five agreements with rolling stock suppliers Alstom, CAF and Siemens that will see 258 passengers cars built by the operator's Valladolid workshops in 2006-09, representing 700000h of new work.

Valladolid is to build 42 Civia III EMU cars under a contract awarded to Alstom and 40 under a contract awarded to CAF and Siemens, as well as 29 vehicles for Class 120 gauge-changing EMUs that are being supplied by Alstom and CAF.

Now part of Renfe's Integria rolling stock maintenance business unit, Valladolid is currently producing 18 cars for Class 103 high speed trains and is to build a further 20 under an agreement signed with Siemens last month. In 2007-09 the workshops will also be producing 20 cars for the Class 104 medium-distance high speed trainsets ordered from Alstom.

Renfe says that bidders for two contracts to supply 107 trainsets for medium-distance services (RG 12.05 p749) have agreed to production being undertaken at Vallodolid, generating 267500h of work. On April 5 it had announced that Alstom, CAF and a consortium of Siemens, Talgo and Vossloh had submitted bids to supply 50 DMUs, while the contract for 57 EMUs was being contested by Alstom, Ansaldobreda, CAF and the Siemens/Talgo/Vossloh consortium.

As part of a programme to build a new alignment avoiding the centre of Valladolid, 60000m2 of workshop space is to be built over two years in the San Cristóbal district to the east of the city.

  • Renfe Integria is to establish a joint venture with Bombardier to maintain traction motors at its Villaverde workshops south of Madrid. This will focus on the Mitsubishi type MB3200 type fitted to the Class 269, Renfe's largest electric locomotive class, but Bombardier will be able to seek work from other customers.