PASSENGERS at Exchange Place station in Jersey City are being screened for weapons and explosives in the second phase of the Rail Security Pilot project being managed by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier this year the first phase of the pilot scheme tested X-ray checks of baggage.

ProVision portals supplied by the Security & Detection Systems division of L-3 Communications are being used for the body screening trials at the Port Authority Trans-Hudson station, which handles more than 200000 passengers a day.

’Maintaining passenger throughput levels is essential, especially in high-traffic situations’, said L-3 President Thomas Ripp. ’In demonstrating ProVision’s consistent performance at a rail station with high ridership, we are making the case that thorough, accurate and reliable passenger screening is easily achievable. We can detect a wider range of threats, dramatically increase the likelihood of detecting them, and protect the public to a greater degree than ever before.’