CHINA'S Ministry of Railways is revamping the country's national railway ticketing and seat reservation system using technology from Sybase, the company which supplied a previous generation of ticketing databases in 1996.

The upgraded system will be able to handle more than 4½ million ticket sales a day, with 5 000 simultaneous purchases.

Multi-site disaster recovery architecture will replicate booking data across the country, minimising the risk of data loss and ensuring functionality in the event of system failures.

Sybase, USA

  • CAPTION: Conductors at Swedish national passenger operator SJ are shortly to begin receiving M3 eTicket computers which are being supplied by Handheld Scandinavia under a three-year contract. The M3 eTicket PDA has an integrated barcode reader, WLAN, Bluetooth, camera and GSM, as well as a smart card reader developed by Arcontia. The PDA can cope with temperatures from -20 to 50°ree;C, and withstand being dropped from 1·5 m Handheld Scandinavia, Sweden
  • The Prevaill range of heavy-duty seat upholstery from Omnova Solutions has a graffiti-resistant protective finish for easy cleaning and stain resistance. The coating acts as a barrier to stop stains penetrating the vinyl, allowing successful removal of soiling or vandalism which has been in place for days. Omnova, USA