METRO CONSTRUCTION is forging ahead in the South Korean capital, with 57 km to open this year. Announcing the start of operations on the 9 km Son Su - Shin Pung section of Line 7, with eight stations, on February 29, Seoul Subway Construction Corp confirmed the schedule for completion of Lines 6 and 7.

The 4 km section of Line 6 between Sang Wol Gok and Bong Wha San will open in July, adding a further six stations to the network. The same month should see completion of the remaining 17 km of Line 7, from Shin Pung to Gunn Kok University, which will have 15 stations.

The second phase of Line 6, linking Sang Wol Gok to Eng Am, is scheduled for completion in November. This will run for 27 km, serving 32 stations.

H Construction of the 61·5 km rail link from Seoul to the New Inchon International Airport is due to get under way this year, at a cost of 3240bn won.