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Somewhere between Texas and Chicago is a train no-one wants - an initial shipment of 55 000 litres of military napalm out of the US stockpile of 15 million litres. Already en route from San Diego to a plant in East Chicago, Indiana, where it was to be converted to fuel for cement kilns, the train has been refused access following the intervention of local politicians, objecting for environmental reasons. However, no suggestion has been made as to where it should go instead.

Herd it on the grapevine

Rural Savoie came to RATP’s Auber station recently, when a delegation of hill farmers visited the French capital as part of an agricultural show. Though the station may have the atmosphere of a cattle market at rush hour, commuters were nevertheless surprised to discover real cows in the station passageways. The ticket barriers would prevent any cattle gaining access to the RER, but Dieter suggests a flock of sheep might have more success using Line A.