RECENTLY builtrolling stock from Siemens will form the largest single outdoor display. The German firm will be displaying three cars of a Spanish Velaro high speed train (right), a 54m long GT12N Budapest Combino Plus tram, a double-deck S-Bahn car from Zürich and an ÖBB Class 1216 triple-system electric locomotive. A metre-gauge AR15 Asianrunner diesel loco built for Vietnam and a mock-up of the Velaro trains for China will be representing the company's work outside Europe.

Indoors, a 800m2 stand will be based around a series of 'theme centres' highlighting different market sectors. Metro products targeted at growing mega-cities include the Combino Plus (RG 4.06 p204), NeoVal (RG 6.06 p334), and the Avanto S70 and SD160 LRVs. Regional trains and airport rail links will have their own theme centre, including details of the Desiro Mainline (RG 8.06 p446), and further centres will focus on high speed trains and freight. Technologies being highlighted will include the Syntegra gearless motor (RG8.06 p474).

The stand will be shared with Siemens subsidiaries VATech, Flender, Siemens MS, Siemens VDO and Elin EBG.